Safety Policy

Safety Policy

One of the major objectives of KolKay Electric, Inc. is to protect the health and safety of individuals involved in work on all construction projects and property. To attain this goal KolKay Electric, Inc. has established a comprehensive contractor safety program that will align with the General Contractor and/or Owner’s Policy and procedures regarding site safety, health, environmental, and security standards.


KolKay’s site-specific safety manuals were developed to coordinate job site safety between KolKay employees, KolKay subcontractors, General Contractor employees, General Contractor subcontractors and Owner’s employees. The efforts outlined in our program require the safety awareness and active cooperation of each person on the job. KolKay Electric, Inc. asks for and expects the help of all personnel in making this a safe job site.


The following is in our Site-Specific Safety Manuals:

Safety Policy Statement
Contact Information
General Foreman Safety Resume
Emergency, First Aid and Medical Services
Lockout/Tagout Procedure Program
Shutdown Request
Accident Prevention Program
Stretch & Flex
Drug Policy

Our Mission Statement

"That we are the customer’s only choice as contractor, our employee’s only choice of employer and the model of honesty and integrity for our industry."

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